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Expect a lot of fun, hard work, ministry to kids, action, new friendships, memorable experiences, and more.  But most importantly, expect to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.  You will be greatly blessed as you serve others, minister to children, and give unselfishly to the needs of others.  You will also be touched by God in a personal way as you share of His great love and lead others to Him.  It will be a summer that will make a life-changing impact on you.

 The Stories

At the end of every summer, campers, counselors, and parents are given the chance to fill out evaluation forms about their camp experience at PVM.  We thought it would be a great idea to put some of those up here.  The following are unedited (most names have been removed) testimonies and stories about Pleasant Vineyard.



 Camper Comments

“God is always there for me, He never leaves me.”

“Spiritually I became closer, and you can talk to God, not just in pray(er).”

“Prayer is not performance. I knew this before, but I really saw the truth of it at camp.”

“I loved the way that God was in everything. I had the most wonderfully real prayer on Thursday in      my cabin.”

“God love you no matter what—Yesterday, today, & forever.”

“Devos helped me to learn more about me and God.”


Parent Comments

“I have never experienced such an exciting, beautiful, fulfilling Christian camp. I can see you have put your heart and soul into children!!!”

“[My Daughter] was very joyful when she returned. I believe you helped her to grow in spirit—to understand her faith better and have greater confidence.”

“[My Son’s] life has been altered by PVM—He learns so many life lessons.”

img_5522“I am amazed a the amount of energy and creativity you put into the camp grounds. When we first started attending, there was not amphitheater and this year, the bus-cabins! How amazing.”

“Can’t say enough good things about what you are doing for children. I am positive the long-term impact will be greater even than we think. Kids need more of this – they were all so excited – so much interaction. Bet none of them missed TV or Game Boy.”

“This was my son’s first year at PVM Camp. He is still talking about I! He had a blast! He shocked us with all he received from it! You guys are awesome!”

“This is our 5th year! We love the camp and staff. The themes and activities are awesome, but the love of the Lord is best!"

Counselor Comments

“I valued being a part of God’s ministry in a place where I could see Him working. Hearts were changing each week around me, young people discovering the Truth sometimes for the first time. Hearting hearts were on a path towards healing. I value being a part of the staff as a family, as a body, where I could support the counselors who were the ears and hands of Christ.”

”Thank you. This place, I believe, makes God’s heart smile. It stands as an example in my life of a ministry willing to show the joy and Truth of God to all of His Kingdom.”

“Seeing the kids acting as leaders on the paintball field and then taking that mentality with them throughout the day really showed me how God can use people at any age to be leaders.”

“I valued time spent with the kids, discussing their lives. I’m talking about real stuff to them and not just camp highlights. ”

“During the worship time at the adoption ceremony, one of my campers was crying, so I put my arm around him and prayed for him. Later after the ceremony, he told me he wasn’t crying because he was sad, but because he love to worship, and that just blew me away. That someone so young could be so mature in Christ.”

“Pleasant Vineyard is an amazing camp and has had a huge impact on my live as a Christian. The environment is both encouraging and challenging, which stretches me even after working here for 4 summers. This place will always be my second home, and I hope to be involved in some capacity for many years to come.”web 1

“I saw God working through the campers by bringing them together and helping the all get along. They came from relatively diverse backgrounds and it would have been easy for them to form clicks or be exclusive, but they didn’t.”

“I think God has been opening me up to new possibilities for my future. Little by little I am more prepared to travel the road He sets before me.”

“God has ignited a fire in me this week. It just seemed like God was giving me a Sabbath after the last two weeks. I am so excited for my guys!”

“I value the amount of time I was able to spend thinking about and learning more about God. It was a truly unique experience in this way. I also value seeing the impact we potentially have on the live of many kids.”

“He has helped me grow in my ability to articulate my faith, but He has  left enough questions that I couldn’t answer, to let me know that it is   never me but always Him that is the answer to all questions.”

“He gave me so much compassion for my kids. I have never felt so much wanting to help them.”

“It was very affirming to me to once again experience the simple, faithful, joyful, drama-less love of 9 year olds. He’s helping to awaken that same love in myself.”

“I’ve never, until now, been in a place where everyone at all times tries their best to lift up everyone else around them. It is a blessing to see how God’s love flows through this camp and everyone involved.”

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