What Can PVM Do For You? 

It should be so unreachably big that you can only see it through the eyes of Christ by faith.

It should be harder than you can handle on your own, to make you more dependent on God.

It should give you enough disappointments to make you humble and break your spirit and pride.

It should be difficult enough to make you weep for others that you might become more compassionate.

It should have enough demanding, insensitive, ungrateful people in it to teach you to love like Jesus loves.

It should have enough impossible, insurmountable obstacles in it to teach you the goodness and power of God.

It should teach you to love when you are tired, give when you're spent, and pray when you're weary.

It should teach you the power and truth of His word, the strength of His voice, and the might of His commands.

It should teach you to love only the One worthy of all our love --- the One who became poor that you might become rich, unjust so that you might become just.

...that you may become more like Christ and fall more in love with Him.

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