Experiential learning in an outdoor setting.

Corporate Adventure

Pleasant Vineyard offers you and your co-workers the opportunity to get away from the office and have an enjoyable experience through adventure programs that are both exciting and exhilarating. In a relaxed atmosphere of wooded rolling hills and cascading waterfalls, your group will experience the thrill of zipping 500 feet off an 80-ft. cliff, scaling a 40-ft rock climbing tower, chasing a co-worker through the woods with a paintball marker, and problem solving a difficult challenge on the adventure course. It will be both a rewarding and fulfilling day that will challenge you personally, build unity with your team, and leave you with many exciting stories to tell afterwards.

What To Expect

ZiplineFun, fun and more fun. You work together, now its time to play together. We believe it is imperative that employees get away from the work environment and spend time together in a completely new environment of playfulness, fun, low stress and high energy. Your day will consist of much laughter, constant smiles, and memorable stories to talk about for months to come.  

Great food – Our gourmet cook will prepare a savory mouthwatering lunch for your delight served in our rustic fireside dining room.

Experiential learning – We will challenge your team to think creatively, improve communication skills, build stronger relationships, develop critical thinking processes, and encourage a stronger sense of unity and teamwork.

Program activities

PVM offers a variety of team building activities that will personally challenge and impact each team members in a positive way. Our certified staff personnel will facilitate each activity, observe the group dynamics, and debrief the overall experience. Through this experiential learning process, each person will be able to make the connection of how every activity relates to the office environment.

PaintballPaintball – One of the fastest growing sports in the US, this fast-paced game is a great way to relieve stress and have fun with your fellow co-workers. PVM’s 10 acre wooded paintball field is complete with bunkers, a sniper tower, forts, and sand bag structures to hide behind. PVM staff will host a variety of scenario games each containing a specific mission to be completed by each team. All equipment and paintballs are supplied and each game is refereed.

Zipline – Situated on an 80-foot cliff overlooking a pristine valley with cascading waterfalls is an experience that will have you screaming with delight. This activity is exhilarating and will help foster self-confidence as you confront inhibitions through this personal challenge.

Climbing tower – Ranging from easy to extremely difficult, the PVM Hawks Nest climbing tower challenges climbers of all levels. This 40-foot high tower has four distinct walls complete with overhangs, chimneys, and finger tip grips that is sure to bring enjoyment to the entire group whether you are climbing or cheering on your fellow team member.

RockwallAdventure course – This program actively engages team members in an experiential learning process where each team member participates by posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative and just plain having a good time. Participants are also engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically throughout the process.

Contact Information

If you are interested in bringing your group for a day of adventure, contact Pleasant Vineyard about group pricing and a Corporate Training Packet at 937-452-3347. We look forward to hosting you.   

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