Seasonal housing may accommodate up to 160 people, with 75 beds available during the colder months and all 160 beds available during the warmer months. We also offer a variety of “themed” housing units that expands the imagination of children and creates an atmosphere on the interior and exterior of the sleeping quarters. Housing units are comprised of the following…

Cabins 1-3 8 beds each
Electric, vent fans, and heaters
Cabins 4-6 10 beds each
Electric, vent fans, and heaters
Bunkhouse 12 beds per side
Electric, AC, and heaters
TeepeeSafari Bus Teepees (3) 8 beds each
Seasonal, No electric
Rock and Roll BusThemed Buses (4) 8 beds each
Seasonal, Includes the Rock &
Roll Bus, Sports Bus, Hippie Bus, & Safari Bus Electric AC, not heated
Platform Tents 1&2 6 beds each
Seasonal, No electric
Platform Tents 3&4 8 beds each
Seasonal, No electric


Come hungry because we love to feed our guests well! We serve quality homemade style food that will satisfy your group’s preferences. We have a variety of menu plans to choose from that are event appropriate and age-friendly. Our chef will also make every effort to provide meal substitutions for those with food allergies. Most of our meals are served cafeteria style with hardy portions and regular chances for seconds.

ChapelGrounds and Facilities


80 acres of woodlands, hiking trails, ponds, creeks, and play areas
Outdoor amphitheater (300 seating capacity)
Outdoor Chapel (120 seating capacity)
Dining Hall/Meeting Room (110 seating capacity)
Cabin Area Amphitheater (60 seating capacity)
Teepee Area Amphitheater (60 seating capacity)
Four-acre pond
Fifteen-acre paintball field
30 x 60 in-ground swimming pool

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