PVM offers staff-led camp activities that will enhance the retreat experience for each participant. Or bring
your group out for a day event to develop leadership principles, teamwork skills, and/or just have a whole lot of fun together. At PVM, it’s not just about experiencing the activity… we’re interested in helping your group and each person within it develop further personally as they face challenges, breakdown communication barriers, experience community, self-discovery, and the overall learning experience.

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PVM offers the following camp programs for your group:

paintball camp


PVM is a leader in paintball programs and it was one of the first camps in the US to offer weeklong paintball camps that now attract kids from all over the US. Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country as well as one of the most effective ways of reaching kids with the positive message of Christ’s love for them. Our highly trained and well seasoned paintball staff will lead your group in this adrenalin pumping activity that will have each participant reminiscing for years of their encounters on the field. Our paintball field comprises of up to fifteen acres of woods with bunkers, a sniping tower, field cover, an underground bunker, and several forts. Paintball equipment is provided or you may elect to bring your own. PVM is a field-paint-only paintball field.


Imagine the exhilaration of peering over an 80-ft. cliff prior to leaping off the zipline deck and then flying freely over the creek below with arms extended wide! You will feel like you are truly flying as you feel the wind in your face. Throughout the PVM campground, screams of delight will be heard as one after another member of your group takes this leap of faith down the 500-ft. long zipline. This event gets high marks from participants of all ages.

Climbing TowerClimbing Tower

Endorsed as one of the best outdoor climbing towers in the tri-state region by a leading adventure engineering company, PVM’s Hawk’s Nest climbing tower reaches over 40-ft. into the air and can support up to nine climbers at one time. Our Hawk’s Nest climbing tower offers a great climbing experience for every skill level: low-angle inclines, vertical walls, and overhanging outcrops challenge anyone who would dare to ascend to the top. Our trained staff will assist your group, and give climbing tips and individual
instruction to encourage climbers to achieve more than they anticipated.

Adventure Course Wall

Adventure Course

Enter a network of obstacles that will challenge you and your group both mentally and physically. Each group initiative tests each participant in his or her communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. After each challenge is met, a trained PVM Adventure Course Facilitator will debrief your group and help breakdown what worked and didn’t work during the process along with discussing what your group’s weaknesses and strengths were in completing the task. The event is both fun and productive as you see your group’s dynamics in a new way.

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