Dear Friend,

Thank you for inquiring about the availability of scholarship funds for Pleasant Vineyard's summer youth camps. It is through the generous giving of many friends of PVM that we are able to assist a limited number of families in providing a rewarding Christian camping experience for more children. I am hopeful we will be able to provide you with the necessary help.

Each year we receive many requests from families, and in order to ensure as many children as possible benefit from this program, we request that you cooperate by following each step in this application process.

* Consider what portion of camper fee you are able to pay personally and indicate that on the form provided (#12). Due to the large number of families in need of financial aid, we generally do not provide full camper scholarships. The maximum amount that PVM is able to provide for any individual is $180.00, one half the regular camp fee. The remaining balance must be met by the parent, your church, community organization, or other sources (#11).

Preference will be given first to those campers who have never before received a scholarship from Pleasant Vineyard Ministries summer camp program.

* If you are regular attendees of a church, we request that you inquire to see if they are able to contribute a portion of the remaining sum. They should indicate so and sign to confirm this (#11).

* Tell us about your current financial situation by completing the questions in the space provided.

* For each camper who needs assistance, please return a financial aid application, registration form and a; 

$50.00 deposit (per child) to Pleasant Vineyard (upon qualification of scholarship funds, your deposit becomes non-refundable.) We will notify you of scholarship approval approximately four weeks after receiving your application.

It is our desire that no child miss out on this opportunity due to financial hardship. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call our office at 937-452-3347 during business hours.


David Maynard


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